3 Common Causes of Stinky Plumbing Problems

Most homes experience plumbing problems for various reasons. Sometimes, the plumbing system may start stinking if you do not take quick measures to fix the issue. This can be very uncomfortable for your household, and it can also pollute water, leading to serious health challenges. Here are the common reasons for stinky plumbing problems.

3 Common Causes of Stinky Plumbing Problems

Bacterial Growth 
The drainage system has many particles and debris ranging from food, soap, hair and dust. As the particles pass through the drainage, some get stuck along the way and start accumulating. As a result, bacteria start building up and begin to stink over time. It is best to clear the pipes with the help of a professional plumber to get rid of bacteria and restore your sewage system.

Pipe Breach Problems
Pipe breach occurs when the pipes get cracks and holes due to imposed pressure on the sewer line. When this goes on overtime, the sewer line begins to leak and stink. This one is one of the most significant sewer issues experienced in some homes, resulting in costly repairs in the long run.

In this case, it is best to call your plumber once you notice issues with the sewer. The plumber will replace the broken sewer before it grows into a bigger problem.

Garbage Disposal 
Garbage is a common element in the home that can quickly stink after a few days. You may dispose of the garbage and clean the environment, but debris can remain behind and begin to stink over time if you do not clean regularly. Over time, mold begins to build up and spread around the affected area.

If you notice such issues, you can try home remedies such as sprinkling vinegar and baking soda over the affected area. You can also place ice cubes and lemon slices around and run cold water over until the area becomes clean.

Get In Touch with a Professional Plumber 
If you notice any of the above problems with your sewer line, it is best to contact a professional plumber immediately to fix the issues. Contact us today about quality plumbing services around the Houston area, and we will be glad to attend to all your drainage problems immediately.

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