Clogged Toilet? These 4 Bathroom Items May Be to Blame

Just because something is kept in the bathroom doesn’t mean it’s okay to flush it down the toilet. If you have a clogged toilet, the four bathroom items listed below may be to blame. To solve the issue, make sure you call a professional plumber to handle the current clog. Moving forward, avoid flushing any of the following items down your toilet.

Clogged Toilet? These 4 Bathroom Items May Be to Blame

1. Baby Wipes

Don’t be fooled by baby wipes labeled “flushable.” They still don’t disintegrate in your plumbing system the same way toilet paper does. They can also get stuck on the sides of your pipe, thus causing a clogged toilet.

2. Tampons

Tampons are often flushed down the toilet without thinking, but these constitute a significant clog culprit. Tampons are meant to absorb water and then expand. This means they can expand inside your home’s pipes and get stuck there.

3. Q-Tips

Also known as cotton swabs, Q-tips are generally small enough they seem harmless. Unfortunately, they’re highly flexible and don’t break down in water. They can bend while traveling through your pipes and get stuck. Once they’re stuck, Q-tips can stop other things (even toilet paper) from traveling through your plumbing system.

4. Dental Floss

Dental floss doesn’t only cause a clogged toilet, but can also be an environmental hazard. Once flushed, dental floss essentially creates a net that has the potential to capture everything else moving through your pipes. If the dental floss makes its way to your local waterways (as many things you flush can), it can injure or even kill local wildlife.

Do You Have More Questions About Your Clogged Toilet?

There are many reasons your toilet may clog, but flushing the four items listed above is a common culprit. If you have more questions about what may be causing your clogged toilet, contact us today. One of our plumbing professionals would be more than happy to answer any remaining questions.

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