Ory’s Plumbing Solutions employs the latest technology in getting – and keeping – you clog free. Whether it is a flushing, draining or water pressure issue, we have the techniques and expertise needed to safely and effectively get you back to normal flow. We offer hydro-jetting for the deep, tough clogs less-advanced plumbing tools simply cannot address.


What to Expect With Hydro Jetting Plumbing

When you have a clog deep in your drain, you need professional tools and experienced knowledge, and this is exactly what you’ll get with Ory’s Plumbing Solutions. We begin by conducting a thorough visual inspection of your indoor plumbing. And then we use a small camera to peer inside and assess the internal pipe situation. Understanding exactly what we are dealing with will best prepare us for the plan of attack.

Next, we’ll access your problem pipe(s) via the plumbing cleanout. Using a special hose designed to withstand high water pressure, connected to a pressurizing tank, we force water into the pipe. As the water force dislodges clogs and buildup, the accompanying stream of water washes the debris properly out of the water system.

Hydro-jetting uses a high pressure water stream -typically 4000 psi or greater- to create strong, but safe, friction. The water delivery can reach up to 20 gallons per minute. It is important to work with a skilled plumber trained in the hydro-jetting technique. Pipes should always be assessed prior to any work as some situations may warrant less pressure. When conducted by a trained plumber, hydro-jetting is the most effective solution to a deep pipe clog.

Hydro JettingEffective Pipe Cleaning

Unlike plumbing rodding, where a tool is used to create a hole in the clog, hydro-jetting actually cleans the pipe. It has been found to be the best way to clean out the thick sludge that begins to accumulate around pipe edges, especially near the fittings. This sludge often plays a role in deep pipe clogs because thickening sludge buildup essentially decreases the diameter of the pipe over time. For this reason, a good de-sludging is an excellent prophylactic.

Hydro-jetting is effective in addressing the common clogging culprits including:

  • hair
  • cooking grease
  • soap
  • paper towels
  • leaves
  • foreign objects such as toys and utensils
  • sludge
  • scale build-up

Are you dealing with a toilet that won’t flush, a sink that won’t drain or water flow that is otherwise compromised? Hydro-jetting may be your solution. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive evaluation and professional resolution to your plumbing problem.