What to Check When a Toilet Isn’t Refilling

Have you flushed your toilet only to find that the water that should be in your bowl isn’t there and the water that should be in your tank isn’t there either? This is a problem. Your toilet needs roughly two gallons in order to remove waste. If there is less than that or not water at all, it will not function. While you may want to call a plumber to get this issue fixed quickly — particularly if it is the only toilet in the house — you can troubleshoot it a little first if your toilet isn’t refilling.

What to Check When a Toilet Isn't Refilling

Float Ball Position

In most cases, the float ball will be the cause for this issue. The way it works is that when the water drains into the bowl, the lower water level lowers the float ball so that the arm lifts a plug and water is let in. When the water level rises, the arm lowers and the water is stopped. However, if the float ball is stuck in a position, it can result in water not being able to enter, a lower than normal water level, or a constantly running toilet.

Low Water Pressure

Water needs a significant pressure to fill your toilet. If water is coming in slowly or you see low water pressure in other plumbing areas, your plumbing may have a leak somewhere that is affecting water pressure.

Faulty Fill Valve

Similar to the float ball, the fill valve also works to control the water level in your toilet. If it has fallen out of adjustment — usually after a toilet repair — it can affect how the toilet fills. This is something you can readjust yourself. However, if it is damaged because it is not working properly, it will need to be replaced.

If your toilet isn’t refilling or you’re just frustrated at your broken plumbing, we can help. Contact us today to see what Ory’s Plumbing Solutions can do to repair your plumbing issues quickly.

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