What to Expect From a Leak Detection Visit

If you have noticed the signs and think you might have a leak somewhere, but cannot find where, your next best step is to contact a plumber. Leak detection is not something that every homeowner needs to be trained in. A plumber can often speed up the detection and make a quick repair. However, if you are looking to schedule one, you may wonder what it will entail.

What to Expect From a Leak Detection Visit

Following the Signs

When your plumber of choice comes over to investigate a leak, they will likely want information on the signs early in the process. If you have a sign of water damage on a wood floor, for example, they may start their investigation in the pipes near that wall or flooring. This may even lead them up much higher than floor level.

Leak Detection Tools

In some cases, a leak may look pretty obvious to a plumber even without tools. However, for less noticeable leaks, plumbers will often use tools like an infrared camera. This is often used for detecting leaks in your slab or foundation. These manifest symptoms, but can be difficult to pinpoint exactly. However, infrared reveals fluctuations in temperature. In this case, a cold spot from the cold water helps the plumber spot where a leak is.

For less solid surfaces, like drywall, your plumber will employ a moisture detector to help find where the moisture content is concentrated or even how widespread the water damage has been.


Once a leak has been found, your plumber will walk you through what steps they will need to take to fix it. In serious leaks, like a foundation leak, your slab may need to be opened up, which will take a little more effort than a quick patch. Some fixes can be done the same day, but most will require another visit.

Do you have a leak in your home? If you are seeing the signs, contact us today to see what Ory’s Plumbing Service can do to help.

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