4 Tell-Tale Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repairs

If you barely give any attention to your plumbing system, you may not know when sewer line repairs are needed until the damage is already done. It helps to get informed about signs of a faulty sewer line so that you intervene promptly.

Detecting sewer line repair problems early enough saves you money, prevents pets from invading your home, and protects your home’s foundation, among other benefits. Look out for the following signs:

4 Tell-Tale Signs That You Need Sewer Line Repairs

1. Slow or Stalling Drains

Whenever the water from your kitchen sink, bathroom, or toilet bowl doesn’t go down the drain, it means there could be a clog in the drain or a much bigger obstruction down the sewer line. Unclogging a drain is easy, but if the problem lies deep down the sewer line, you ought to consult a sewer line repair plumber, especially when the water isn’t moving at all.

2. Gurgling Sounds

Not all sounds in a plumbing system are normal. A gurgling sound is an indication of trapped air inside the sewer line. It’s due to a blockage that can’t let water pass through. In such a case, flushed water is forced back to where it came from. Until the blockage in the sewer line is fixed, the gurgling sound will remain persistent.

3. Little Water Puddles

When a problematic sewer line starts leaking from the underground, the water penetrates through the soil into the ground forming little pools or puddles in the yard or garden. If you see them, chances are that your sewer line is leaking and has to be fixed.

4. Odd Odors

Sewer lines are usually tightly sealed to stop gas leaks or foul smells making their way into your living space. Any small crack in the sewer line can, however, allow a foul smell to invade your home, requiring urgent sewer line repairs.

If you have noticed any of the above signs in your home, consider finding the best plumber in your area to inspect, advise, and offer professional services. An example is Ory’s Plumbing Solutions who provide industry-approved plumbing results. Contact us today for more information about sewer line repairs.

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