Most Common Areas For Water Leaks

Leak detection, on your own, is a difficult task. However, if you notice that your water bills have gone up, you will likely want to look around a bit before you call in a professional to find water leaks for sure. If this is the case, then you may want to look in these common areas.

Most Common Areas For Water Leaks


If your toilet is running constantly, it wastes a ton of water. However, that is a noisy and obvious problem. Less noticeable is a toilet that is physically leaking out the bottom. This could manifest small puddles that can be missed if they appear in the back or sides. Unfortunately, this is also causing some serious water damage as well.

Dripping Faucets

A small drip every few seconds out of a faucet isn’t exactly an emergency, but it is a leak. Those drips every few seconds, every single day adds up a lot.

Water Heater

As the water heater is often stored hidden away, you really don’t notice small leaks. Unfortunately, it is a common cause of rising water bills. As the water heater is constantly exposed to water and experiences temperature fluctuations, it can decay a seal faster than any other water-using appliance in your house. This means leaking eventually as it gets older.

Pipe Connections

A long straight pipe made of solid material is sturdy. However, any time the plumbing needs to bend or be connected to anything — be it another pipe or an appliance — it is weakened. Leaks and corrosion can happen, but since there are so many in your home, this is where a professional leak detector comes in handy.

Do you have a leak somewhere, but cannot figure out where? We can help. Contact us today to see what the professionals at Ory’s Plumbing Solutions can do to help.

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