Benefits of Busting Clogs With Hydro Jetting

If you have a clogged pipe, there are a lot of ways to bust it up. You can take some chemical clog busters to it (though most plumbers don’t recommend it) or send the drain snake in to break it up. However, while both methods are technically effective, if you want the best way to remove the clog, it has to be hydro jetting.

Benefits of Busting Clogs With Hydro Jetting

Why Hydro Jetting Beats Other Clog Removal Methods

What makes hydro jetting so much better than a drain snake when it comes to removing a clog? Well, hydro jetting is both a way to remove clogs and to clean your plumbing while it is down there.

Power Washing Your Plumbing

Hydro jetting works a lot like its name suggests. Instead of mechanical action to break up a clog like a drain snake, hydro jetting uses a 360 degree stream of pressurized water to essentially power wash the interior of your pipe. The pointed head and water pressure work through the clog and spray the remaining debris from the sides of the pipe.

A drain snake will unclog your pipe, but it will not clean the sides of your pipe. This means the clog has the potential to come back sooner. With hydro jetting, the clog is gone forever.

Environmentally and Plumbing Safe

The big issue with using chemical cleaners is both that they aren’t always effective and they need to be incredibly harsh in order to be effective. The chemicals that you use to remove clogs are not only bad for the environment, but they also cause excessive wear on the pipes. This is why most plumbers don’t recommend using them unless you want to prematurely replace your plumbing.

Do you have pipes that constantly clog? Have you tried snaking only for the clog to keep coming back? It sounds like your pipes need an appointment with the hydro jet. Contact us today to see what Ory’s Plumbing Solutions can do to help.

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