Don’t Ignore Rising Water Bills

Outside of physically seeing water accumulating around an area, there is no sign that says you have a water leak more than rising water bills. You might expect a sharp, dramatic rise in water usage and cost, but a leak can also cause a gradual rise as well. Over time, leaks can grow worse, which means more water is coming out and your bill has a steady rise to it.

Don’t Ignore Rising Water Bills

Any rise in your water bill without an obvious explanation such as filling up the swimming pool for the season or someone new living with you should be suspect. Small rises can be explained, but when you see it going up every month, it is time to be suspicious.

If you have noticed a rise in your water bill, but don’t see any obvious leaks, this means they could be happening somewhere that you cannot see. A sure way to confirm this before you call your plumber for help is to check your water meter. If you suspect a leak is happening in your slab or even in the walls, you can check the water meter for flow. If water is still flowing even when no water is being used in your home, it is a confirmation that there is a leak somewhere that you cannot see.

From here, once you have confirmed that your rising water bill is caused by a leak, you will need to call a plumber. Hidden leaks are a bit beyond what the average homeowner can detect, and the faster they are caught, the less damage that they can do.

If you believe you have a leak in your home, whether it is an obvious one or a hidden leak, contact us today. Ory’s Plumbing Service can help you track it down and stop that wasted water.

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