Should Hydrojetting Be Done Regularly on a Schedule?

When it comes to clearing tough clogs or even drains that clog frequently, hydrojetting is the number one choice for clearing them. Unlike other drain clearing methods, such as the drain snake or harmful drain cleaners that you may try at home, the hydrojet doesn’t just bust a clog, it cleans the sides of the drain pipe as well. This means that the clog is cleared up and is less likely to come back again as well.

Should Hydrojetting Be Done Regularly on a Schedule?

As hydrojetting works so well, you may wonder if it is best to schedule regular hydrojetting for a drain. The answer is a little more complicated than the standard yes or no.

For commercial businesses like restaurants who see a lot of grease and food particles move through the drain, scheduled hydrojetting is a must to keep things working properly. However, for a residential homes, a hydrojetting on a regular basis is usually not needed.

Though we use our home drains everyday, they still don’t endure a lot of easily cloggable material like a commercial restaurant drain would. The one exception to this is if you have a drain that does actually clog easily and frequently. Some drains, such as bathtub drains with many curves and that are frequently used may manifest regular clogging. Instead of being reactive to this, if it is a regular occurrence, it may be better to be proactive by scheduling a hydrojetting for it. If you track a clogged or slow running drain, and find that it does clog every few months, then it is definitely worthwhile to talk scheduling options.

Do you have a slow running drain or a drain that just keeps clogging up? These are common signs that the inside of your pipes are dirty and could benefit from a hydrojetting. Contact us today to see what Ory’s Plumbing Solution can do to help get your drains flowing again.

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