What to Know Before Choosing a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are the hot new trend in water heater technology. They are lauded for taking up less space, being more energy efficient, and supplying a never-ending supply of hot water compared to traditional tank models. However, if you are considering replacing your old water heater with a new tankless model, you will need to keep a few important aspects in mind when making the choice.What to Know Before Choosing a Tankless Water Heater

Size and Flow

Like traditional tank models, size will matter for your tankless water heater. You will want to make sure your choice is a whole house model rather than a single room model. You will also want to calculate the flow your water heater will need as well. The typical problem that happens with this model is if someone is taking a shower, you might not get hot water for laundry. However, that can be rectified by getting a tankless water heater that can handle that flow load.

Fuel Type

These water heaters come in electric and gas models. Your best bet is to choose the fuel type that your old water heater used for an easier installation. However, if you do choose electric, you will need to make sure you can support the proper amperage and voltage.


The location in your home doesn’t so much matter, but you do need to consider where you live. The temperature of the groundwater tends to run warmer the further south you go in the United States, and as such, you may not need a tankless heater with as much heating power in Houston as you would in Minneapolis.

Talking to a Plumber

Water heater installation isn’t something that homeowners usually do themselves. As you need to take the above into consideration when choosing a tankless water heater, you may want to consult a plumber before making a purchase to make sure it is right for your home and have a professional plumber out to install it.

If you want a tankless water heater in your home to reap all the benefits, contact us today. Ory’s Plumbing Solutions can help you get it set up so your house never runs out of hot water again.

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