How to Save Money on Heating Water

Water heating often ranks among the top four energy costs in a home. This expense is substantially higher if you consider equipment maintenance and replacement. The good news is that you can use several methods to save money.

How to Save Money on Heating Water


You could reduce gas or electricity consumption by using cold water to wash clothes in a washing machine. An alternative is only select hot water for certain items, such as underwear, sheets and towels.


Thoroughly check your home for any leaks that waste hot water. They could cause your heater or boiler to run much more frequently. Ask a reputable plumber to fix or replace leaky pipes, faucets and connections.


Avoid baths, and try to spend fewer minutes in the shower. Consider using a timer to let yourself know when you’ve showered for a certain amount of time. If possible, take advantage of opportunities to bathe outside of the home.


Do you have a conventional hot water heater with a tank? If so, check to see if it has been insulated. A tank will retain heat longer when it has sufficient insulation. You may also benefit from insulating the entire room.


Consider reducing the heater’s temperature by adjusting its thermostat. Different models have analog or digital controls. In addition to saving energy, a lower setting may prevent people from suffering burns when they wash their hands or take showers.


Think about buying a more efficient heater, especially if your existing unit was installed more than 12 years ago. An electric tankless water heater delivers much greater efficiency and has the potential to last far longer with proper upkeep.

Please contact us for further details if you’d like to repair leaky fixtures or gain the benefits of an efficient new water heater. We offer superior customer service, competitive rates and reliable equipment.

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