When to Replace a Toilet Rather Than Repair It?

When it comes to toilet issues, most people lean on repairing them rather than replacing them due to the expense. Toilets aren’t too expensive, but many of the issues are completely able to be repaired. Yet, over time, you may start to wonder if your toilet is getting a little too old for these constant repairs that may be keeping it on life support. Is there a time when it is better to replace the toilet rather than just repairing it?

When to Replace a Toilet Rather Than Repair It?

Signs to You Need to Replace a Toilet

If your toilet is getting up there in years, you may want to look out for these signs when making the decision to replace it.

Frequent Clogging

While it depends on what you flush, you really shouldn’t be dealing with clogs more than once per month. If clogging is a weekly occurrence, your toilet may have too much build up from mineral deposits in your water over time. This restricts passage and limits the flushing power.

Visual Cracking

Do you see a crack in the toilet anywhere? Even if it is not leaking, any visible damage is a sign that you need to replace your toilet in the near future. It may not be leaking now, but the structural integrity is compromised and it will eventually leak.

Multiple Plumber Visits

If you have to call your plumber out to take care of toilet issues multiple times a year. It is time for a new toilet. Of course, your plumber will likely have said that as well depending on what the issues were. Toilets do get old and worn down. When this happens, you need to replace them.

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